Mum’s The Word

Mum’s the word – Chrysanthemum that is. Because it’s no secret at all where to find Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland Area’s biggest, most beautiful selection of garden mums.

  1. How It All Began
  2. World Famous Garden Mums
  3. We Do Things A Little Bit Differently

Alsip Home & Nursery is the biggest and best Independently owned Garden Center in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area. Our stores are known for miles around, and for the last 50 years customers have been coming here to get the best quality and selection of plants of all types. Our customers have been voting us best annually, with their wallets and online reader polls for local businesses.

How It All Began

Back in 2008, we bought out our largest vendor, a greenhouse that grew wholesale flowers, hanging baskets, vegetable plants and garden mums. We retained the Head Grower as an employee. He has over 35 years of growing experience and in our opinion is one of the best growers in the country. We took that same Alsip Nursery, high quality standard and applied it to our greenhouse business. We grow our beautiful plants and ship them into our Alsip Home & Nursery stores on a near daily basis.

World Famous Garden Mums

One of the things that we are well known for is our mum crop. It is actually World Famous. Anyone who is familiar with watching Notre Dame football games has probably noticed the yellow mums that line both sidelines. We have been supplying them for the last 5 seasons. When I turn on their home games, I often zone out on the action and pause it right when the mums are in full view in order to take a screenshot to send to my friends and family. It is such a cool honor to be a part of that iconic stadium and it’s amazing history with Touchdown Jesus overlooking the stadium and the mums and all of their glory.

We Do Things a Bit Differently

We grow our garden mums differently than other growers. Most greenhouses grow their product to maximize on quantity within the space they have. What we do is completely unconventional in the name of quality of quantity. While many growers space their one gallon garden mums at 18 inches, we space ours out 24” apart. Thus, making a world of difference in the outcome of our plants. Extra spacing results in less flat sides, and more large round balls resembling a globe of color. The head size on our garden mums is typically 30% larger (at least!) than the competition’s. Sure, we don’t grow as many in our given space or ship as many on a truck (we fit 896 on a full semi and Notre Dame always orders 900), but our quality is the best and our customers know it!

This weekend is the perfect time to come in and choose from the best overall selection and see our mums in our stores in all of their glory. They are at that perfect stage of just starting to crack color so that you can enjoy them for the longest possible amount of time. We carry several different sizes and price points. When it comes to doing your fall decorating, don’t settle for cheap, mass produced mums. Pick up a big round ball of fall color that will make your neighbors jealous.

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