Jackson’s Chameleon Care


Adult females are typically 7 to 8″ in total length, and males are 8 to 10″ total length. A healthy male Jackson’s chameleon will likely live 8-10 years. The females, however, will only live approximately 4-5 years.


Screen cages are ideal, and should be a minimum of 3 foot tall by 2 foot square. Ficus tree, pothos, umbrella schefflera, and money tree are the most recommended plants to include in their enclosure. Daytime temperatures of 80 ° F should be maintained, with nighttime temperatures of 60 ° F. A UVB full spectrum light should be used 10-12 hours per day to help with the chameleon’s vitamin D3 and calcium intake. Moderate-to-high humidity is ideal, about 50-80%.


The Jackson’s Chameleon, like many other chameleons and other lizards, is primarily an insectivore. Crickets should be the main source of food, they may also eat the leaves of plants in their enclosure, and get their water from the leaves as well.