It’s Pool Closing Time!

Fall Pool Supplies

As Summer Comes to a Close, So Must The Swimming Pool

Sadly enough, as the cool weather starts to come in, it is time to start thinking about closing your pool. Closing your pool for the season properly will save time and money when it comes time to open it again next year.

  • Winterizing helps keep water clean and can protect equipment during cold months
  • Closing kits are available that contain all of the necessary products -or- components can be purchased separately

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  1. Vacuum

    Vacuum the pool to remove dirt, leaves, and other large debris from the water.

  2. Add Metal Remover and Stain Preventer

    The next step is to add a metal remover; either the one found in your pool closing kit, or if purchasing separately, we recommend Metal Klear. Now is also the time to add a stain preventer (Stain Stop or Intensive Stain Prevention) to protect against metal stains from the water.

  3. Adjust the pH and Total Alkalinity.

    Having the proper pH balance is essential to water health.

  4. Add Algaecide!

    It is very important to use a high-quality algaecide to avoid green or black water next season. We recommend Algaebomb 60 – it is the perfect product for winterizing pool water.

  5. It’s Shocking!!

    Shock is also very important to add to your pool prior to closing; it works to sanitize the water and prevent the growth of bacteria. Use 1 lb for every 10,000 gallons of pool water (here’s a handy Pool Volume Calculator if you don’t already know the volume of your pool). We recommend: Turbo Shock, Super Shock, or Clean Shock.

  6. Chlorine Levels

    It is important to adjust your chlorine to the appropriate level before closing your pool.

  7. Filter Thoroughly

    After adding all of the pool chemicals, run your filter/pump for 24 hours to fully to mix all of it together. Then backwash, empty, and clean your filter/pump system to prepare it for winter.

  8. Water Level

    Water needs to be drained to about 4-6″ below the skimmer. Inflate air pillows and place them onto the surface.

  9. Are You Covered?!

    All of the work, supplies, and money that you just put into winterizing the water will be wasted if you do not cover your pool for the winter. The cables around the perimeter of the pool are usually not enough to keep all of the leaves and debris out of the pool; it is important to weigh down the cover as well to keep it in place.

  10. Sit Back and Relax!

    You’re done! Now from the warmth of your living room, you can look through the window at your snow-covered pool knowing that you’ve done a good job and winterized it properly. Now you will be able to open your pool with ease next summer and be able to enjoy right away!