How to Smoke a Turkey with Weber SmokeFire Grills

The holidays are fast approaching, and the season of turkey dinners is upon us! If you’ve been oven-roasting your turkey the traditional way, this is the year to switch up your game and make your winter feasts even more delicious. The secret to a perfect turkey? Learn how to smoke your turkey with a Weber SmokeFire grill

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Can I Smoke a Turkey with Charcoal?

A charcoal grill is a suitable option for when you’re learning how to smoke a turkey. But if you want to learn how to smoke a turkey like a seasoned pro, think beyond the classic charcoal grill. The Weber SmokeFire series doesn’t use charcoal; it uses wood pellets, achieving a complex, layered, aromatic smoky flavor. You’ll never have to worry about serving up a bland bird when you’ve got this secret weapon in your arsenal.  

One of the great things about Weber SmokeFire wood pellet grills is their size! Not only can you fit a huge turkey in there, but you can also add in some of your favorite sides. Instead of plain mashed potatoes with butter, try smoked mashed potatoes with old white cheddar! For an exciting spin on a winter holiday classic, try smoked yams with chipotle seasoning. You can even smoke your cranberry sauce! 

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We carry a variety of different smoking woods to use in your Weber smoker, including:

Each has its own unique flavor profiles and qualities, so feel free to ask one of the experts at Alsip for recommendations. 

Should I Brine My Turkey Before I Smoke It? 

Brining your turkey before smoking can make it more flavorful, but it isn’t entirely necessary. Wood pellet grills already add so much flavor and aroma, so a simple spice rub with butter, salt, and grilling herbs like rosemary and thyme will work just fine. Plus, not everyone likes to brine their turkey because it’s time-consuming and requires you to dry the bird for several hours afterward. This means you have to let your turkey sit uncovered in the fridge for nearly an entire day.

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How to Smoke a Turkey in a Weber SmokeFire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill

Many people get confused about calculating time and temperature when learning how to smoke their holiday turkey. Luckily, we’ve got a good rule of thumb! Set your smoker to 300°F, and cook your turkey for 15 minutes per pound. So, by that logic, a 15-pound turkey would need to cook for 3 hours and 45 minutes. 

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If you’ve got a particularly large turkey—like a 30 or 40 pounder—you can crank up the temperature higher to speed up the process. For most smokers, you can rely on a grilling thermometer to check the internal temperature of your turkey to ensure it’s safe to eat. However, when you’re rushing around the kitchen and getting everything ready, it isn’t always convenient to be checking on your turkey every few minutes. But with our SmokeFire series grills from Weber, you don’t have to worry about that!

Our SmokeFire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill is equipped with smart technology that links to your smartphone through a downloadable app. It’s super user-friendly; just enter all the information about what you’re cooking, how heavy it is, the cooking temperature, and your preferred doneness. The app will let you know precisely when your turkey is cooked and ready to serve!

If you have any questions about how to smoke a turkey in a charcoal or a wood pellet grill, feel free to drop by one of our Alsip Nursery locations in St. John and Frankfort and chat with our grillmasters! Smoking poultry, meats, and other dishes in a Weber grill is so easy once you nail down the basics. Your holiday dinners will never fail to impress! 

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