How to Pick your Perfect Patio Furniture

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Knowing how to pick quality patio furniture can transform your outdoor space and the time you spend there. Add comfort, durability, and style by following these tips for picking out the best patio furniture to match your lifestyle.

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What Kind of Patio Furniture Should You Get?

Before you figure out exactly how to pick out the perfect patio furniture, you’ll first want to know what pieces you need. First, ask yourself how you need your outdoor space to work for you. Are you planning on tons of bustling dinner parties or sticking to small intimate gatherings? Then, take a look at your space and grab your measuring tape! Remember that the flow of the patio should make it clear how to navigate around the furniture, so pick wisely and allow for plenty of open space.

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Choose Durable and Easy-Care Patio Furniture

If you’re just learning how to pick patio furniture, one of the most important rules is to make sure your selections can endure the conditions you’re placing them in. Choosing quality furniture is an investment, and you deserve to get the best bang for your buck. Since you probably won’t want to haul your furniture away every time there is a slight gust of wind, so look for durability and low-maintenance. Easy-care materials like metal, cedar, teak, and all-weather wicker are ideal. Be aware that the sun can wear off bright colors, and severe rain will soak soft squishy chairs and cushions that aren’t weather-proofed.

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Find Your Comfort Zone

Be sure you try before you buy. When you’re wondering what to pick, you won’t know how good of a fit it is until you try it. Look for patio furniture that has a medium weight to it. Anything too light will slide around when in use, while furniture that is too heavy will be difficult to adjust or relocate. Cushions and pillows are lovely, but find an option with removable covers so you can keep them clean. We recommend purchasing a storage bench or cover to protect cushions when they’re not in use.

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Should all Patio Furniture Match?

Only if you want it to! When you’re shopping, think about the overall aesthetic of your space. Play with color palettes, shapes, and textures. Of course, you can choose a cohesive look with a matching set, or get creative with how you pick your pieces. If you choose a neutral furniture set, be bold with patio accessories. If you love an eclectic look, find new and used furniture and accessories to create your perfect vision. Don’t forget to customize your patio with plants, lighting, pillows, and umbrellas.

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Choosing Quality Patio Furniture

Buying a big-ticket item like patio furniture can be a bit intimidating, but choosing something high-quality can last you many blissful summers. Choosing low-quality but ultimately cheaper pieces may seem like a steal of a deal, but it often ends up costing you more overall if you have to replace them every year.

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Marvelous Maintenance

While you pick out your outdoor furnishings, remember that you’ll need to learn how to properly care for them, too. This is where it pays off to choose pieces that are easy to care for and won’t require a ton of maintenance. Gently wipe off furniture regularly to keep it sparkling clean, wash the fabric as needed, and be gentle with your furniture. Store patio furniture somewhere clean and sheltered during cold months. Check your pieces regularly for any signs that they need repairing or replacing. Keep your safe haven safe by not leaving your furniture near flames, out in harsh weather, and—just like we all learned in grade school—don’t lean too far back in your chair! 

Plan ahead for your best patio season yet by following these tips. If you are looking for help to find durable patio furniture for sale in St.John or Frankfort, come visit us! We’re here to help you create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

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