Keep Plants Hydrated in Summer Heat


What’s the Secret to Hydrated and Happy Plants in Summer Heat?

Watering your flowering baskets, planters, flowerbeds, and even your lawn everyday is essential, especially now in the heat of summer. But what happens when life just gets too busy and you forget to water? Is there a way to avoid having to water as much and still have beautiful and blooming flowers all season long?

Absolutely – but only if you’re using the secret to hydrated and happy plants in summer heat! There’s a product we carry at Alsip home & Nursery called  Hydretain! Simply mix 2 ounces of Hydretain with 1 gallon of water and pour into your flowering pots and baskets to retain moisture for up to 3 months! Hydretain is able to attract and hold the water molecules from the air (which really takes advantage of our humid summer weather) and efficiently transfer them to the plants roots. Even during this hot weather, this can cut down the frequency of which you water by as much as 50% by extending the intervals between wilts, increasing the life and quality of your plants. Its main purpose is for turf use, to cut down on how often your lawn needs water, but works amazingly well with flowering plants as well. Best of all, one Hydretain application is effective for up to three months and is fully biodegradable.


Learn How Hydretain Keeps Plants Happy & Hydrated

Here’s a great video from Hydretain that helps explain the product a little bit more! You can also see their website: for more information about the revolutionary chemistry behind this amazing new product!

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