Give Grafted Tomatoes a Try This Season!

The tomatoes are ripe and ready for the harvest

So What is Grafting Anyway?

You may have heard lately about grafted tomato plants and you have begun to wonder what this means and why they might cost a little bit more than “standard” tomato plants. No, it’s not a weird GMO thing that we do to the plants.

Basically, grafting is a centuries-old process of splicing plants that is used to combine multiple varieties of plants. It has been used to create new varieties of roses; combine multiple fruit varieties to be on one tree; and now used in vegetable gardening, mostly for tomatoes.

For tomatoes specifically, a root system of a very vigorously-growing variety is used and spliced on top of it is the seedling of a more desirable variety, often heirlooms. This splice, graft, area is then held together by a special clip until it “heals” together on its own, in about a week. By doing this we get an awesome root system with a super tasty tomato plant; something that is not common with most varieties.  This combination makes a super plant; increasing the fruit production, disease resistance, and hardiness.

Why Grafted?

  • At least 50% increase in overall yield
  • Greater resistance to soil-borne diseases
  • Greater drought tolerance

What Varieties Are Available?

At Kingsbury Acres, where we grow our annuals and vegetables, we grow Mighty ‘Mato and Burpee Bumper Crop tomato plants in several popular varieties.

  • Sweet Million (Cherry)
  • San Marzano (Italian Roma)
  • Big Beef
  • Early Girl
  • Brandywine
  • Big Zac
  • Mortgage Lifter
  • Cherokee Purple
  • and more!


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