Giant Day Gecko Care

Giant Day Geckos are active mostly during the day. Adult males can reach 1 foot in total length, females are typically 1 – 2 inches smaller. Average lifespan is between 6 and 8 years.


Screen and glass enclosures measuring 24″ tall by 24″ long by 12″ wide will comfortably house an adult pair. Bamboo has been a long-time favorite cage furnishing, as it is ideal for climbing, basking and egg laying. Live plants will add to the naturalistic design and increase enclosure humidity. The use of a high quality  UVB light will help to fill the gecko’s vitamin D3 requirement. An incandescent light bulb of the appropriate wattage should be used to maintain a 95 degrees (F) basking spot. The ambient temperature should range from 82 to 86 degrees (F) during the day and 75 to 82 degrees (F) at night.


Their diet includes various insects, such as crickets, and fruits. Daily misting of the enclosure provides giant day geckos with their water requirement. They will lick water droplets from enclosure decorations. If misted directly, their tongues will remove water from their eyes and nose. Daily misting also acts to maintain the enclosure’s desired ambient humidity of 50 to 70%.