Garden Club Incentive Program

Alsip Home & Nursery Garden Club Incentive Program

Alsip Home & Nursery Garden Club Incentive ProgramDear Friends,

The key to success in our industry as we all know is knowledge and doing things the right way. As valued ambassadors of all things garden related your garden club is essential in relaying that message to the masses.  The team here at Alsip want to thank your group for bettering our industry by continuing to offer an incentive based discount plan that helps not only your club as a whole but gives your individual group members an added bonus for supporting your #1 ranked local independent garden center.

20% Total Club Discount on All Items from Qualifying Departments (See Below)

  • 10% Discount given to garden club member off of regular retail. If item is already marked down more than 10% the club member will get the lower price.
  • 10% discount rebated back to garden club for all purchases from qualifying departments at year end regardless if there are items purchased marked more than 10% off already.

Qualifying Departments

Get a 20% total club discount off regularly priced items from the following categories

  • Bulbs and Seeds​: No one can ever smell too many Hyacinth.
  • Nursery Stock: Rigorously sourced from the best vendors in the America.
  • Perennials: We’ve got em’ small and large and every size between.
  • Annuals: Oh you know what these are. All the latest varieties in literally thousands of options grown the same quality minded way they were 50 years ago in over sized cells for the healthiest start.
  • Seasonal Plants: Easter Lily, Poinsettia, Mums, Violets.
  • Houseplants: They like to play outside too when weather permits. Don’t be afraid to mix them in with flowering annuals.
  • Fresh Cut Greenery: Spruce up around the holiday with fresh wreaths, roping, trees, etc.
  • Lawn and Garden Tools: Shovels, gloves, stakes, you name it. (Excludes fertilizers, chemicals, and soils.)
  • Pottery: Thousands of options in countless trendy colors and styles.

How to Get Started

Sounds pretty awesome right? You might now be asking yourself how do we get started? Well, if we haven’t served your club before let us get you into our system by filling out the form below. Your club members’ names will be added to your club account so they just have to tell our team member at checkout their club name and they will come up as an authorized member to make sure your group gets your rebate.

For New Members

You may email us with the names of new members you gain throughout the season. In the meantime, we will accept any time of affiliation with your club such as a card, shirt, hat, or stationary.


Rebate checks are typically sent out in the month of January for the previous years purchases.

Garden Club Incentive Program

Fill out the form below to register your garden club with Alsip Home & Nursery. Upon completion, please give us up to two weeks to have your Garden Club and its members added into our system.
  • Please list the first and last names of all members separated by a comma.*For Garden Club groups currently in your system: Please specify if you are adding or removing members.

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