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Alsip Nursery carries a blend of Kentucky Blue Grass sold in 9 and 10 square foot rolls. To figure how many rolls of sod you need, simply measure the length and width you wish to cover, multiply, then divide that number by 9 or 10 to give you the total number of rolls needed.

Tips on Installing Sod

Never installed or cared for new sod before? No worries, below are some step by step instructions to get you (un)rolling!

Install your sod immediately and begin watering. Do not wait until the next day.
Sod is perishable and must be installed immediately upon receipt and followed by a deep watering. Heat can build up within a roll and cause damage to turf. Most successful sod installations are installed right after delivery to the jobsite. After laying, begin irrigation deeply, six inches down into the soil until it’s soggy to walk on.

First two weeks after installation:

  • Proper watering is essential to establishment (rooting) of your new sod. It’s nearly impossible to over water new sod! As a general rule, keep sod and soil moist all throughout the day. Sod should be soggy if properly watered
  • Stay off new sod until after the first mowing. Try cutting back frequency of irrigations just before the first mow to firm up the soil.
  • First mow is approximately 14 days after installation except in winter which will require a longer time before the first mow.
  • Mowing high is least stressful to the new sod. Never mow off more than one-third of the grass blade.

Three to four weeks after installation:

  • Re-adjust your watering clock or timer. Reduce frequency of waterings gradually after each mowing, while increasing minutes per watering.
  • Deeper, less frequent soakings will help roots grow down deeper and establish more quickly into the soil. Gently lift turf to check rooting.
  • Fertilize your new sod lawn at one month to continue encouraging rooting and establishment. 

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