Fresh Cut Greenery Arrangements For The Holidays


Nothing rings in the holidays quite like decking the halls with fresh cut greenery arrangements. Not only are they visually stunning, but that nostalgic scent never fails to bring back fond memories of holidays past. In Frankfort and St John, greenery arrangements really help to breathe new life into your living space. When the city is blanketed with white snow, it’s amazing how much of an impact a little pop of green can have. 

Making your own fresh cut greenery arrangements in winter is a fantastic way to tap into your creative energy and get your gardening fix during the down season. If you want to put your green thumbs to use and make some beautiful DIY decor using real evergreens, these fun projects should fit the bill nicely.

8 Ways To Use Fresh Cut Greenery In Your Holiday Arrangements

Winter would be such a drag if it weren’t for the spectacular scents and vibrant colors of evergreen plants. We picked out these eight fun ideas for fresh cut greenery decor projects so that you can enjoy the natural beauty of winter plants throughout the holiday season. From classic staples to innovative new trends, you’ll love the way these decor pieces revitalize your home’s aesthetic:

DIY Holiday Wreaths: Your Christmas decorating is never truly complete without a gorgeous green wreath! A homemade wreath made with your own customized mix of decorative accents adds a welcoming ambiance to your front door, and an air of grandiosity to your living room when hung over the mantle. While your wreath is likely to last longer if kept outdoors, you can still keep it for several weeks indoors if you apply an anti-transpirant spray, like Wilt Stop. The spray helps to seal up the pores in the needles to slow down moisture loss, keeping them looking and smelling fresh all season. There are endless color schemes and creative accouterments that you can add into your wreath, so do some browsing online to find some inspiration for a wreath that suits your personal decor vibe. 

Porch Pots and Urns: By flanking your front door with two decorative containers full of winter greenery, you can add high-impact winter curb appeal to your home! Try mixing in some other ornamental add-ons, like red dogwood branches, pinecones, berries, and birchwood, to really make a statement. If you love a more opulent look, ornate urns add a little extra drama to the scenery. If yours is a more rustic aesthetic, it’s so easy to upcycle old metal pails or wooden crates into something truly beautiful.    


Mini Wreath Place Cards: It’s the little touches that make all the difference, and decorating your holiday table with bits of greenery is such a lovely way to spruce up your dining room—literally! Take a piece of ribbon or skinny rope, and fasten a single evergreen sprig in a loop. Write each of your dinner guests’ names onto some card paper, tie each one onto a mini wreath, and pop them on top of each person’s napkin folded up on their plate. 

Deck Out The Chandelier: We love the look of fresh cedar or white pine greenery draped and intertwined through a chandelier. These evergreens hang so beautifully when suspended, creating an elegant green canopy that amps up the festive ambiance. Plus, they shed fewer needles than other types of winter greenery, so they’re a much better option for hanging up above the dining room table or in your home’s foyer.  

Fill Glass Candle Holders: The cozy glow of a candlelit room is so serene, so why not illuminate your home with some glass candle holders or vases lined with sprigs of winter greenery? Use a tall candle and make sure the sprigs are flush against the glass, and use flameless candles to prevent melted wax from altering the look. They still flicker and glow like regular candles, so guests won’t spot the difference.    


Decorate The Bar Cart: If your bar cart is getting a bit of extra use throughout all your holiday entertaining, why not deck it out with some garlands made of real greenery? Simply trim the edge of the cart with your handmade garland, and for an extra jolly touch, add in some flourishes like holly berries or dried orange slices. With a bar setup that festive, don’t be surprised if Santa skips the milk and cookies and dips into the spiked eggnog instead!

Garland Pillar Wraps: Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, wrapping pillars in natural garland looks absolutely breathtaking. If you’re a less-is-more type and don’t like to go too over the top, simply weave in some copper wire LED lights to finish it off. Alternatively, if you’re more of a go-big-or-go-home type, you can decorate your garlands just like you would with your Christmas tree. String on some ornaments, frosted pinecones, and other decorations for a show-stopping display.

Tin Can Mini Planters: Instead of one or two big winter greenery planters, why not do a whole bunch of small ones? Little tin cans can look surprisingly beautiful when they’re filled with a few sprigs of pine, and finished off with a ribbon or string tied around the middle. You could even try using mason jars, or any cute, rustic containers you’ve got lying around. Line them up along window sills, down the length of the dining room table, on the mantle, or along a credenza for an Instagram-worthy display.  

To get started on decking the halls (and the dinner table, and the bar cart…), come visit one of our Alsip locations and pick up some fragrant wintergreens to make your own homemade decorations. If you need any guidance on how to assemble your pieces, don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts for help. We can’t get enough of holiday decorating!

Happy holidays from all of us at Alsip Home & Nursery!

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