Fall Seasonal Plants

Let the rustling of changing leaves and crisping air lead you to our greenhouses to discover our selection of Fall Annuals including seasonal and holiday plants perfect for your Halloween and Thanksgiving displays! Deck out your porches or patios with jewel toned colors for fall using our globe sized Garden Mums, beautiful Asters, vibrant Swiss Chard, spirals of Cabbage or Kale, and a variety of Fall Annual flowers. Accent your displays with Indian Corn, Gourds, Pumpkins, Straw Bales, Ornamental Peppers, Cornstalks, and much more!

Choose Alsip Home & Nursery for your Fall Seasonal Plants and Accents including Mums, Pumpkins, Asters, Straw Bales, Indian Corn, and more!

Garden Mums


Hardy Mums are great for outdoors in the landscaping or in containers. We grow our own Hardy Mums in a few different sizes. These plants love the cooler weather and will bloom until frost. Dead heading these plants is very important so the buds underneath can be seen and allowed enough sunlight to bloom. Garden Mums tend to reseed themselves if allowed to go to seed but this is not a guarantee - thus our Garden Mums fall into a the Annuals category.



Asters are another plant we proudly grow ourselves and can be treated as a perennial when planted in the ground with enough time to establish themselves. Asters work well in the landscape or in the fall planters. These typically come in pink and purple. Asters are another plant that will bloom until frost depending on the weather. The warmer it is outside the faster they bloom, there are many things that affect the bloom time but if all works out they can bloom until frost.

Cabbage & Kale

Cabbage & Kale are a leafy non-blooming ornamental plant. They are typically used in planters to add a touch of subtle yet elegant color. Some Cabbage & Kale varieties offer white tips on the leaves while others have purple veining. The cooler the weather, the more color the plants have. Alsip normally does not have these plant in stock until the weather cools off so the plants have time to start turning color. Cabbage & Kale is another plant Alsip proudly grows in quart and gallon sized pots.

Pansies & Fall Annual Flowers

Pansies are a cool loving plant and work well in borders or in planters. If the weather gets too hot these tend to stop blooming but once it cools off again they will start right back up. These are one of the first plants to pop up in spring and one of the last to bloom in the fall. We grow single colored pansies as well as the ones with “faces”. If planted in the ground in the autumn they will typically come back in the spring and then need to be replanted again in the fall. We also grow other cool tolerant vegetative annuals such as varieties of calibrachoa that make excellent, and vibrant additions to your fall containers.

Fall Accents

Alsip Nursery carries a vast variety Fall Accents for you to include into your autumn displays. Our selection of Fall Accents includes locally grown pumpkins and gourds in many sizes and colors, great for decorating during the colorful fall months. As well as many other fall favorites including Indian corn, straw bales and more! Make Alsip Nursery your family's one stop shop for pumpkin carving and cornucopia decorating!


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