Everything You Need To Know About LED Christmas Lighting

Different Types Of LED Christmas Lighting

1. Why Switch To LED Christmas Lighting?

2. Different Types Of LED Christmas Lighting

When shopping for your holiday decorations, you may have noticed LED Christmas lighting popping up on store shelves. Have you been wondering what makes them different from standard incandescent lighting? We’ve broken down exactly why LED lighting is a wise investment for safe, high-quality lighting that you re-use year after year. In Frankfort and St John, LED lights are easy to come by, as we have several varieties available here at Alsip. Here’s why you should consider switching to LED Christmas string lights:

Why Switch To LED Christmas Lighting?

There are so many benefits to switching to LED Christmas lights, and while they are slightly more expensive than incandescent lights, it’s certainly worth the investment. Here’s why we love LEDs:

They’re More Environmentally Friendly.

LED lights use up to 75% less energy than traditional lights, so they’ll save you a bundle of money on your energy bill! They emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases, so they help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your environmental impact. 

They Stay Cool.

Regular string lights can get pretty hot to the touch because they emit heat to produce light. Causing a potential fire hazard, especially if you forget to turn them off indoors before bed or leaving the house. LED lights stay cool, so you can keep them running without worry. Plus, nothing beats coming home after a long day to a Christmas tree glowing with beautiful twinkling lights!


They’re Brighter.

Incandescent lights have a bit of a muted tint to them, whereas the light emitted from LED lights is stunningly crisp and white, so if you like the look of icy white and light blue lights, LED is the way to go. If you prefer the warmer white of traditional incandescents, you can also opt for LEDs with a warm tint.

They Last Longer.

A standard bulb lasts for about 1000 hours. LED bulbs on the other hand? They last as long as 50,000 hours! So, if you’re hesitant to spend a little extra on LED lights, the math is simple: if they last 50x longer than regular lights, you’re going to have to replace them and purchase a new set far less frequently. 

There Are Endless Options To Choose From.

We have a massive selection of LED lights in all different colors, bulb sizes, and shapes! Whether you want indoor decorative string lights or durable outdoor lights to illuminate your home, we’ve got you covered at Alsip. 


Different Types Of LED Christmas Lighting

Unsure of which style or model to purchase, or how many you’ll need? Here are just a few of our best-sellers for Christmas decorating:

  • C9 LED Christmas Lights: C9 bulbs are the chunkier bulbs, 2½” long and 1¼” wide. We recommend the icy white Christmas bulbs for decorating your tree if you want an elegant look that won’t clash with the colors of your living room. They also work for outdoor decorating, and you can connect up to 20 sets together for a total of 1000 feet in length! The bulbs are durable plastic, so you won’t have to worry about any glass breaking.

  • Globe Lights: These silver spherical lights have a fresh, modern vibe—they kind of look like tiny snow globes! You might be tempted to keep these attractive lights up all year-round, not just during the holiday season. Each string is 13 feet long, with 20 bulbs each. Try weaving them through a giant wreath for a fabulously opulent statement piece. 

  • C6 LED Christmas Lights: C6 bulbs have that chubbier, strawberry shape similar to the C9 bulb, but they’re much smaller; 1⅛’ long and ¾’ wide. We love the festive multi-colored variety—they are absolutely spellbinding, and perfect for indoor or outdoor decorating.

  • Ultimate Litelock LED Lights: These bulbs are the skinny kind with tapered tips, so they’ll take up much less storage space than the chunkier bulbs. They’re wrapped up on a small wheel, so they’re easy to roll out and apply, or pack back up into storage. The bulbs are easily replaceable too, so if you lose a few, there’s no need to splurge on a whole new set.

  • Twinkling Cluster Rice Lights: The bulbs on these string lights look like little grains of rice, but they protrude out on a transparent cord, for a textured look with serious “wow”-factor. Despite the twisted appearance, these lights are tangle resistant for fuss-free application and takedown. 

  • Battery Operated Micro Lights: This kind of lighting has become incredibly trendy as of late, not just for holiday decorating, but for year-round home decor. Take a browse through Pinterest, and you’ll see all sorts of creative ways to use these lights. Create a gorgeous (and easy!) table centerpiece by filling up glass jars or vases with a cluster of copper wire micro lights.

The time has come to start decorating our homes for the holidays, so look no further than Alsip Home & Nursery. We have a spectacular selection of LED Christmas lighting that you can rely on for safe, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly lighting all through the winter. 

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