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Chubby Toad or Tarantula Take Home Pet Workshop – Frankfort, IL

Learn how to care for and create a habitat for your creepy or crawly, yet very cool, new pet in this hands on Take Home Pet Workshop!

Included in This Workshop

This all ages workshop includes your choice of:

  • Chubby Frog ( Also known as Asian Painted Frog)
  • Tarantula (Either Rose Haired or Striped Knee)

During this workshop you will set up a habitat while learning the proper care instructions for your new pet. The habitat includes:

  • 10 Gallon Zilla “Critter Cage” Tank
  • Tank Decoration
  • Bedding

About Tarantulas as Pets

Tarantulas are quiet and need little space, so keeping them as pets can be a fascinating hobby. However, if you want to handle your pet a lot they aren’t the best choice. More so like fish, a tarantula is more of a look and not touch pet.

What Do Tarantulas Eat?

Tarantulas enjoy calcium dusted crickets & a spritzing of water to moisten the wood and bedding in the habitat. Instead of making webs like most spiders we know, tarantulas burrow, concealing themselves as they hunt their prey.

What If a Tarantula Bites?

Humans are bigger than even the biggest tarantula and they would much rather run away and flick their hairs at potential predators than bite them.

Should a tarantula bite, it will look and feel a lot like a bee sting. Tarantula venom is weak, and it is unusual to have severe reactions.

Chubby Frog Tarantula Workshop

About Chubby Frogs as Pets

The Asian Painted Frog got its nickname because of its plump, round body. It is also called the Asian Painted Frog because of its origin and the fact that it has two stripes on its back that are outlined in black or dark brown, giving it a “painted” appearance. Chubby Frogs are a popular pet choice and good for beginners.

What do Chubby Frogs Eat?

Crickets should make up the majority of their diet, with other food items substituted for crickets every few feedings.

Handling Chubby Frogs

As with all frogs, handling should be minimal. You should always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling frogs. Spritzing or placing your frog back into water is a good idea for their own health as well after handling.


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