Benefits of Silk Florals and Tips for DIY Arrangements

Life-like succulent plants for everlasting home decor.

Why Use Silk Flowers for Your DIY Bouquet
DIY Silk Bouquets
Taking Care of Your Silk Floral Arrangements

Nothing gets us swooning quite like a bright new floral bouquet. It brings so much warmth and energy into a room, especially now as we’re nearing the end of winter and impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. Of course, the short lifespan of fresh cut flowers means we can’t grow too attached to those beautiful blooms, since they’ll need to be tossed out in a couple of weeks. Luckily, there’s an alternative solution that lasts forever: silk flowers!

Now, before you brush off the silk option, hear us out! We aren’t talking about those plasticky flowers you find in the discount bin at the dollar store. Artificial flowers tend to get a bad rap, but high-quality silk flowers are so gorgeous and detailed, it can be difficult to tell them apart from the real thing. So, if you’re getting squirrely waiting for spring, maybe now is the time to experiment with some DIY silk floral arrangements.

Why Use Silk Flowers for Your DIY Bouquet

There are tons of benefits to creating a bouquet with silk florals. Obviously, the permanency of artificial flower arrangements is a big win. A lovely collection of silk blossoms can brighten up a room all year round instead of just for a few weeks, so the cost savings are significant. Some exotic flowers can be a bit more expensive or difficult to find at the florist, so if you’re looking for something a bit more uncommon and special, opting for silk flowers is a wise idea. We particularly love the look of a few tall branches full of silky white dogwood blossoms placed in a vase as an accent piece to brighten up a dark corner in the house.

Another reason for choosing silk flowers over fresh flowers is for special occasions like weddings and graduations. If you’re the sentimental type who likes to hold on to treasured mementoes, it’s so nice to have an everlasting bouquet to remind you of that special day. Some fresh cut flowers don’t hold up that well in hot weather either, so having silk flowers helps ensure your bouquet won’t wilt halfway through the night.

DIY Silk Bouquets

Trying to put together your own bouquet might seem like a lot to handle at first— after all, professional florists are trained in creating the perfect floral pairings, with a mix of textures and color schemes that blend beautifully. If you’re nervous about how to proceed with putting together a bouquet for your special day that suits your ideal style and doesn’t look haphazardly thrown together, follow these helpful tips:

Tropical silk flowers for a punch of color.

Decide on a color palette and choose your flowers accordingly. Select a main color for the bigger blooms, plus a couple of complementary accent colors for smaller pieces to add in. If you need a little inspiration, take note of the season of the event. Spring bouquets call for soft pastels and delicate white blossoms. Summertime is all about bright vivid shades like fuchsia and lemon yellow. Autumn palettes tend to feature deeper, rich jewel tones like eggplant, and deep oranges and reds that complement the changing leaves. In winter, bouquets full of lush evergreen foliage, with snow white flowers and crimson berries look spectacular in photographs. If you’re unsure if your chosen colors jive together, try looking up an online color palette generator to help you find the perfect balance of complementary shades.

Start with the biggest flowers in the center, then layer on the smaller flowers all around, turning the bouquet as you go and ensuring they’re evenly spaced. Pop them in a vase while you piece your bouquet together, so you’ve got both hands free and can rearrange with ease. Finish off your bouquet with little accents of foliage, sprigs, or some berries to fill it out and add texture.

When all else fails, stop in to view our premade selection or browse some blogs with examples of wedding flowers. There’s an endless sea of online inspo for DIY flower arrangements, so print out a few photos of bouquets that suit your style and bring them with you when you shop for your flowers. This will help skip the guesswork of whether your finished piece will look elegant and streamlined like a professional florist’s arrangement.

Taking Care of Your Silk Floral Arrangements

Making your silk flowers look beautiful forever requires a little maintenance, but don’t worry, it’s nothing too major. Just follow these simple steps for preserving your bouquet for years to come:

  • Silk petals can collect dust, so give them a little wipe down with a baby wipe or a damp cloth every couple of months to keep them looking fresh.
  • Give your live houseplants their place in the sun and keep your silks away from bright direct sunlight, because this could cause your bouquet to become discolored and yellowed, which is less than ideal.
  • Try to keep them upright in a vase instead of bundled up on their side, because this could flatten out one side over time, resulting in a lopsided bouquet.
  • If you start to notice some wrinkles appearing in the petals, a handheld steamer should help get them out.  

Realistic high-quality silk flowers are undeniably beautiful, and we can enjoy them all year without having to worry about tossing them out in a few weeks’ time. Whether you’re looking to add some vivacity to your home décor, or you’ve got a special occasion that calls for extravagant floral arrangements, give silk flowers a chance! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the realism and quality they provide.