Christmas Tree Styling Tips

Christmas Tree Styling Tips

When the air chills and snow falls, the countdown to Christmas begins. It’s the same story every year: a shopping list as long as your arm, a hundred cards to send, and a pile of presents to wrap. There’s also the matter of the tree, which will undoubtedly be the same mess of ornaments crammed onto a dozen branches yet again. But does it have to be?

With our top tips for Christmas tree styling, you can make this classic Christmas staple a look that reflects you and your family’s unique style, but with a flair that will be the envy of everyone this season.

Create a Color Scheme

The best tip to start with when styling your Christmas tree is to create a color scheme. It may sound complex, but it’s actually just as simple as picking 2 – 3 colors that work well together to make a coordinated and beautiful look that you will love. Here are our top color pairings:

Silver and White create a timeless look that brightens the look of your tree. Use silver and white ornaments only and pair them with white lights and white garland for an elegantly simple look.

Gold and White make a beautiful team in creating a rich and pure aesthetic. For a unique look, try skipping the garland and opt for golden fairy lights to make the tree sparkle. 

To amplify your warm, homestyle look, consider adding Red with the gold and white for a fuller, holiday aesthetic.

Blue and White create a cool, wintery atmosphere that looks crisp, clean and captivating. Use several shades of blue to give the look as much dimension as possible.

Midnight Blue and Gold effortlessly create the perfect starry night effect.

Rainbow trees are also growing in popularity, creating an eye-catching color-pop sensation. To nail this exciting look, break up the colors with silver or white as a palate-cleanser for the eyes.

Use Non-Traditional Decorations

The best part of themed Christmas trees is that anything can become decoration if it fits your aesthetic. Here are some of our favorites that have a unique look that will capture guest’s attention:

Silk Flowers can be laced together to create a floral garland that is so intricate and gorgeous, everyone who sees it will want to know your DIY secret.

Flocking is a white spray that you can use to give your tree that “freshly-snowed-on” look that looks stunning with everything, from intricate mirror ornaments to simple burlap ones.

Outdoor Findings, like pine cones, twigs and even berries, can make excellent statement pieces for a Christmas tree, highlighting its natural roots.

Household Decor makes for unique aesthetic for every tree to add the perfect homestyle touch straight from the source. Try adding a wooden sign with one of your favorite Christmas sayings or even a coffee percolator from the kitchen. Any florals, centerpieces, and household items will do, as long as your tree can support them!

Up and Coming Trends

We love the classics, but we also love watching for all the new and exciting trends happening each year. Here’s what we’re seeing for 2018’s grand finale:

Christmas Greens are no longer just the carrier for our holiday decorations, this year they’re stepping into the spotlight as the forefront of designs. From cedars to iced greens to flocked greens, these adornments are the perfect way to create dimension and texture in an elegant, natural way. To round out your look, pair with galvanized metals and mercury glass.

Champagne inspirations are also making waves this year and all you need to bring this accent to life is silver and gold ornaments. This rich and design can be as elegant or as natural as you’d like and pairs excellently with birch or eucalyptus greens.

Buffalo Plaids aren’t just the star of the fashion world this year, they’re also a top-trending tree theme this year. Everything about this look shouts warmth and whimsy, making it a perfect choice for creating a cozy cabin aesthetic. Top off your woodsy cabin tree with hot chocolate ornaments, scarfed snowmen, fuzzy hats, and sleds!

The Classic Look

You may also find that you still hold a soft spot in your heart for the traditional, homestyle tree. There’s just something about the collection of family memories placing each new ornament on the tree. It’s a reflection of your lives and a chance for the kids to get involved in the holiday spirit. While it may have a lot going on, there’s still a rustic beauty to this style of tree that isn’t like any other you can find.

Tips for Decorating

Whether you’re trying a new theme or sticking with the classics, there are some universal decorating tips that will help you create the best appearance possible.

There’s no specific formula for adding decorations to your tree, but don’t be afraid to layer. Layering provides depth and dimension to your tree for a fuller look as a whole. When layering, though, you do want to be careful to maintain a balanced appearance. Take care to fill big empty spaces and try not to lose your feature elements in the background.

Don’t be afraid to play with your lighting. Whether you’re working with strands or a pre-lit design, you want your lights and your ornaments to work together. With a simple adjustment in angle here and there, you’d be amazed at the different levels you can create with the sparkle and glow of lights on your baubles.

Removing the manufacturer’s strings can give you more freedom and control with how you place your ornaments on your tree. Try using ornament hooks instead, which allow you to control the empty space above your decorations, rather than accommodating the length of a fixed string.

When experimenting with ribbon – don’t fight the curl. Let it flow how it wants and you may just end up with a better look overall. 

The Christmas season can be a crazy whirlwind of to-do lists and scrambling to get it all done. Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to reflect that, though. With these simple styling tips for your tree, you can create a polished and perfect atmosphere that you and your family will love all season long.