Christmas Lights for Beginners

Christmas Lighting 101

Have a Plan

What and where do you want to decorate with lights? Roof, peaks, railings , pillars, trees, shrubs.


Know Your Measurements

Figure out the height and width of each area you want to hang lights. For trees and shrubs best guess on height that you want lit.


Locate Your Power Source

Do you know where and how many outlets you have access to? It’s important note how many strands you can put in per outlet:

  • Incandescent: 7 Max
  • LED: 20 Max – Use LED for best lighting!

Know Your Budget

Not only is it important to have budget for how much you want to spend on lights but also consider how much you want to spend on your light bill.

  •  Consider This: It will be less expensive to hang incandescent lights but cheaper to run LED lights. (LED repays their higher upfront costs
    in long run with their power savings.)
White Christmas Lights on House

Choose Your Colors

What color do you want?


Choose Your Style

Your application will play into this.

  • Best lights to hang on house: C9s, C7s, or C6s.
  • For trees and shrubs: Out best guideline is a range of 20 to 100 lights per foot of trees or the length and depth of shrubs. Net lights are also
    an easy way for coverage of shrubs if you find it difficult to work with strands.

Christmas Lighting Check List

Decorate Like the Pros

Knowing which accessories are available will make all of the difference in your holiday displays. Here’s what we recommend for every job:

☑ Extension Cords – So no area is out of reach.
☑ Power Strips – To help prevent blown fuses.
☑ Timers – To save on your energy bill.
☑ Clips & a No Ladder System – So you’re not stapling your sleeve to the roof or falling off of it like Clark Griswold.
☑ Sock it Box – To protect plugin junctions from
water, rain, and snow.
☑ Light Keeper Pro or LED Keeper – To trouble
shoot any pesky bulbs causing problems.

Final Tips for a Great Display

If You’re Team LED:

  • LED lights are the wave of the present. They last up to 10 times longer, use as much as 10 times less power and offer brighter more
    diverse colors. The LED reels from Holiday Bright Lights are simply the best in the industry!! New this year are LED single bulbs that
    can be used to make a custom strand.

If You’re Team Incandescent:

  • If you chose incandescent that is great as well. They are definitely cheaper. Best ones to use are the commercial grade from Holiday Bright Lights because you can plug 7 strands together.
    Next best option is the Good Tidings Ultimate LiteLock. (We don’t recommend the super bright, while they are inexpensive their strands
    are far too short for practical use on a home.) Another option is custom cord C9 or C7 strands. Cords can be cut up to 100’ and you
    can customize your strands.