Chew Crew FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Chew Crew

What IS a Chew Crew Membership?

The Chew Crew is a premium pet membership that offers many benefits to dog and cat owners. Members save 5% off and FREE shipping on their monthly Pet Food Subscriptions, 10% off their Pet's Toys and Treats, receive a freebie every month with their subscription. Members also enjoy service discounts like 2X a year FREE walk-in Pet Nail Trim service, and 2X a year complimentary Diamond Upgrade at Groomindales Pet Salon. We'll also throw in some extra special discounts and special offers exclusive to Chew Crew Members.

Why Chew Crew & Not the Big Guys?

We're local! You know us and you're supporting the community with your purchases. Along with your membership, you benefit from discounts and complimentary pet services. We also offer a free pet food consultation at any time to help you determine if what you're feeding is the best for your pet.

Can I Change My Monthly Selection?

Absolutely! Many pets benefit from a rotation diet that may benefit their gut health. You may also need to update your selection based upon your pet's transitioning life-stage. You may even add more pets to your home, no matter the reason, you can manage your subscriptions from your account.

Can I Have More Than One Pet Food Subscription?

Absolutely! We understand that you may feed multiple pets different formulas or brands. We will make sure your subscriptions all sync for your once a month Free delivery.

How Come I Don't See My Pet's Food as an Available Subscription?

Alsip Home & Nursery prides itself on offering a vast array of Premium Pet Foods. If you don't see your pet's favorite food, let us know! It may be we have yet to add it, or no longer carry it because we've opted for more premium, holistic, or affordable options.

Do All of My Online Orders Qualify for Free Shipping?

Your Chew Crew Membership is limited to free shipping on your monthly pet food subscription only. However if you wish to take advantage of your 10% discount on Pet Treats & Toys and include it with your next free shipment follow these three easy steps.

  1. Browse 100's of Pet Treats & Toys with your 10% Chew Crew Discount
  2. Leave a Note in Your Shopping Cart to "Ship with my Next Monthly Food Order"
  3. Select free "In-Store Pick-Up" shipping option.

And that's it! Your pet will receive their treat or toy along with their next food order.
As for other products offered by Alsip, those will require separate shipping.

Where is Chew Crew Available?

At this time, Alsip Home & Nursery is offering the Chew Crew Memberships to residents of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

I Don't Live Near an Alsip Location - Why Should I Join Chew Crew?

Understandably you may not be able to benefit from our onsite Pet Services if you're out of state. We take note of this will will send you some extra goodies a few times a year along with other money saving discounts! You'll also benefit from our vast array of food options, subscription, toy, and treat discounts, and free shipping on your monthly order.