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New Trends

Container Garden Trends and New Annual Varieties

01Edible Container Gardening02Succulents03Color of the Year04Top Trending Annuals of 2019 Edible Container Gardening While edible gardens aren’t exactly new per se, the methods we use have changed a lot over time. Now we’re seeing way more people growing edibles in containers instead of in a garden bed! It’s a great option if you don’t have…

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Creating a Desktop Terrarium

01Top 5 Plants for Terrariums 02 Creating a Terrarium 03 Terrarium Care Sometimes a little desk decor can spruce up our workspace enough that we dread heading to the office just a little less. The same can be applied to our homes – a couple of lovely accents can turn a room we like into a place we love instead of a…

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Top 5 Plants to Repel Summer Insects

Top 5 Plants to Repel Summer Insects Each summer, after the first few big rainfalls, our local garden centers are inundated with requests for plants that repel mosquitoes. Here are some plants that are rumored to repel these pesky buggers.   1.) Citronella Plant, AKA Scented Geranium These give off an oily fragrance that has…

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Top Reasons to Foster a Rescued Animal

We Want YOU to Foster a Rescue! ATTR, Alsip to the Rescue is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! While we are still partnering with them and their biggest supporter, they are now a separate entity, operating independantly of our stores. To date ATTR has saved the lives of over 1800 dogs and cats! Fostering is…

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Fall Fairy Gardens

Gardener’s Are Getting Extra Creative With Fairy Sized Landscapes What Is Miniature / Fairy Gardening? You may have noticed miniature gardens set up around our stores, online, or in a neighbor’s yard. Miniature gardening has recently become the largest trend, partially because it’s a way for gardeners to enjoy their hobby on a small scale.…

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