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Lawn & Garden Care

Master the Art of Irrigation & Drought-Tolerant Plants

irrigation drought tolerant plants rudbeckia st john

01Irrigation Techniques and Tips02Automatic Irrigation Systems03Gardening and Irrigation with Drought-Tolerant Plants04The Best Drought-Tolerant Plants If getting out in the garden daily and watering plants by hand doesn’t exactly jive with your schedule, there’s a solution that won’t use up all your spare time: gardening with irrigation systems and drought-tolerant plants. By installing an automatic irrigation…

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Your Guide to Ornamental Grasses

01Ornamental Grasses: Planting and Care Guide02Ornamental Grasses and Landscape Design03Native Ornamental Grasses04Exotic Ornamental Grasses for the Landscape Ornamental grasses can add so much visual interest to a landscape, without being too showy and competing with your flowers. We particularly love tall grasses that flutter in the wind, adding some movement and a little drama to…

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Weed Control

01Preventative Methods of Weed Control02Solutions for Lawn Weed Control Many of us love gardening because of the meditative quality is has— toiling around in the sunshine and fresh air is a total breeze. But, there’s still that one part of gardening that isn’t always met with cheers of enthusiasm: weeding. Crawling around the yard and…

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Summer Lawn Problem Prevention

01Weeds: The Most Common Summer Lawn Problems02Lawn Problems from Overwatering03Lawn Problems from Underwatering04Lawn Care When Pests Invade05Canine Lawn Damage06Summer Lawn Diseases A well-manicured lawn completes the overall look of your landscape. No matter how gorgeous your garden is, if it’s surrounded by a patchy, uneven bed of grass, it really spoils the scenery. Lawns see…

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Planting Perennials

01When to Plant Perennials in the Midwest02How to Prepare Soil for Perennials03Planting Perennials 04Caring for Perennials Lovely and reliable perennials account for some of our all-time favorite plants. Partly because there’s such a wide variety of them — from trees to shrubs to flowers — and partly because they’re so darn dependable. Unlike other plants…

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Attracting Hummingbirds

pink flowers hummingbirds

01The Best Hummingbird Plants02Find a Red Hummingbird Feeder 03Attracting Hummingbirds with Clear Nectar Enjoying an afternoon on the patio watching colorful hummingbirds whiz past sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? There’s something oddly entertaining and awe-inspiring about these tiny little birds that flit around so quickly, with their wings flapping faster than our eyes can see.…

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Protect Your New Plantings from Deer, Rabbits and Pest Damage

pest damage

01Prevent Deer from Eating Plants02Protect Plants from Rabbits and Other Rodents03Invasive Insects: Repel Pests Naturally04Insect Repellents Available Here at Alsip We’re all eager with anticipation this time of year as we begin to plant our new seedlings into the ground, but nothing puts a damper on your gardening groove quite like pest damage. Our gardens…

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Hanging Basket Care

petunia hanging basket

01Watering Basket Plants02Fertilizing with Jack’s Classic Petunia FeED03Maintaining Plants in Hanging Baskets04Best Flowering Annuals for Hanging Baskets Nothing brightens up the patio like a collection of hanging basket full of vibrant annual blossoms and cascading foliage. They’re perfect for trying out exotic new varieties of flowers and playing around with different color schemes. While the…

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Outdoor Pruning

01What are the Benefits of Outdoor Care Pruning? 02Pruning Outdoor Plants 101 03Tips for Successful Shrub Pruning 04Pruning Outdoor Tomatoes 05How to Prune Herbs 06How & When to Prune Trees First-time plant pruners may be hesitant to cut away at their healthy plants, but trust us, it’s definitely advantageous. Frequent pruning helps our plants to thrive by cutting away the unnecessary stuff and letting the plant…

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7 Reasons to Plant in the Fall

Fall Garden

The kids are back in school and the long dog days of summer have ended – you might think the gardening season has also come to a close. You’ll be surprised to discover that things aren’t slowing down here at Alsip Home & Nursery. Just as the summer season begins to change into crisper weather,…

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Plant Bulbs in the Fall for Bursting Spring Blooms!

Plant mums and pansies over bulbs for fall color that transforms into bright spring blooms!

Fall weather is upon us and while changing autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes dance in our heads – now is an excellent time to consider planting bulbs now in order to have gorgeous blooms come spring. Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs is Simple & Rewarding! Bulbs make for simple and efficient planting for spring color,…

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In the Landscape: Fall is Finally Here, What Now?

After a cooler than usual August in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, we just endured several record days of heat for September and it was also one of the driest Septembers on record.  Now we’ve cooled off a little (finally!) to more “normal” temperatures for this time of year. What does this mean for your lawn…

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4 Ways to Avoid Raking Leaves

Falling autumn tree leaves in the air

If you’re like the majority of homeowners, as soon as leaves start to change color, all you can think about is the daunting, mundane, difficult task of raking up all those [beautiful] leaves and hauling them to the curb for disposal. (If only they would just stay on the trees, where we can enjoy them!!)…

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Summer Weed Control

Here are some of the most common weeds that plague our lawns through the summer season: Annual Bluegrass • Light green, cool-season annual grass • Bunch type or ‘clump’ growth habit • Numerous seeds, especially in spring, making it very noticeable in the lawn • Dies out during the heat of the summer • New…

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Keep Plants Hydrated in Summer Heat

Alsip Green Team Advice by David

What’s the Secret to Hydrated and Happy Plants in Summer Heat? Watering your flowering baskets, planters, flowerbeds, and even your lawn everyday is essential, especially now in the heat of summer. But what happens when life just gets too busy and you forget to water? Is there a way to avoid having to water as…

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Wild Bird Habitat Maintenance

Bird feeder maintenance

Shop Bird Seed and Feeders online! >>> Here is some information prepared by the National Audubon Science – Audubon At Home staff. Feeder/Birdbath Maintenance Cleaning birdfeeders and birdbaths is a crucial practice in preventing the spread of disease between birds. Recently, scientists noted that the spread of Trichomonad protozoan parasites, which cause a disease termed…

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Simplified Seed Starting

When questioned about seed starting, you may ask; “Why on earth would I start my  garden from seed myself?!” and  “Shouldn’t I just get starter plants in the spring and summer like everyone else?” or “Well that just sounds like way too much work. Who has time for that?!” These are all great questions, and some of you…

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Help the Monarchs Migration

Migratory Monarchs Monarch Butterflies take part in a natural phenomenon each year in which they travel from Canada to Mexico and back.  The number of migrating monarchs has dwindled in recent years due to a widespread drop in numbers of a plant known as milkweed, that the larvae of the monarch butterfly relies on for the…

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Rain Rain Go Away!

I just spent last week in severely drought affected California.  While I was there, I visited 15 different large scale garden centers to get ideas to bring our customers in the Midwest better service and so forth.  While I was gone, it rained back home nearly 7 inches.  The storms last night (6/30/14), helped cap…

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Best of the Region 2014

Alsip Home & Nursery Voted Best in the Region’s Garden Center for 2014! Once again Alsip Home & Nursery has been voted by the community as the top garden center in both Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas. Both locations house everything a gardener can dream for when planning and working on their landscape. From locally…

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Landscaping: Where to Plant?

Different plants means different areas. Not all plants can tolerate the same elements as others when it comes to nature. There are many plants that can tolerate wet sites, sunny sites, dry sites or shady ones and others that would never survive in the same areas. This will point out several plants for those hard…

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Attract & Repel Deer

We all enjoy the sight of deer feeding out in a field, but the ability for deer to adapt to human development and their tendencies to eat landscape plants and flowers they are considered to many people a pest. With designated hunting seasons, they are now protected, to a degree, by the government and for…

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How To Attract Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) are the most widely ranging of the world’s 338 species of hummingbirds, all of which nest ONLY in the Western Hemisphere. Spring migration patterns bring them to the Chicagoland area around late April to early May. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is often found in the ecotome, or edge between woodland and meadow.…

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Attract Butterflies

A garden that attracts butterflies all year long is full of surprises because it is constantly changing. With a little bit of planning you can make your landscape irresistible to these flying flowers while creating a colorful environment that is pleasing to your family as well. Planning Suggestions Use of Insecticides, Pesticides & Herbicides It…

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Ponds: Commonly Asked Questions

Pond with lillies

Our Green Team Experts are here to answer all of your pond questions in regards to suplies, fish, plants & more! Why do I have green water? The answers to this question could be a number of things. Is this a new pond that was just put in? In some cases a pond that has…

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Mulch: How Much is Too Much?

We often see mulch piled eight inches or more up the trunk of trees. A hot, steamy and moist environment is created for the cambium layer of the tree to support a new life system of molds and assorted fungi. Bio diversity is assured. In cold weather the mulch is an excellent home for small…

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When to Prune Trees & Shrubs

Why To Prune Before pruning of landscape plants happen think about why it is being pruned, what is the goal? Pruning should be done to remove any dead, broken, injured, diseased, or insect infested branches. Pruning should also be done to prune out undesirable branches such as crossovers, suckers, sprouts, or those branches that are…

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Fresh Sod

Alsip Nursery carries a blend of Kentucky Blue Grass sold in 9 and 10 square foot rolls. To figure how many rolls of sod you need, simply measure the length and width you wish to cover, multiply, then divide that number by 9 or 10 to give you the total number of rolls needed. Tips…

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Rake leaves and remove as much debris as possible before the snow falls to prevent damage to your grass. Mowing your grass shorter and raking excess clippings as the lawn is going dormant will help reduce the risk of snow mold in the spring. Snow mold fungus is under the snow cover, and you probably…

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When your lawn is healthy and properly maintained, you shouldn’t have enough weeds to require chemical treatment. If you have a persistent problem with crabgrass that you cannot control through cultural methods or spot treatment during the growing season, you can apply a crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide. This must be applied before the soil temperatures are…

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Add 1 to 2 inches of good quality compost to your planting beds this spring. This will help break up heavy clay soils as well as adding fertility and beneficial nutrients to new or existing beds. Get a head start on summer bulbs now. Bulbs such as cannas, begonias, caladium, and dahlias can be potted…

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