Bonsai Tree Care

Find Bonsai Trees at Alsip Home & Nursery

Bonsai is actually an art form and the pruning of the plant.  Many plants can be turned into a bonsai and grown indoors. We typically carry bonsai that are already pruned to look like the TYPICAL bonsai instead of starting out with a small planting and pruning it to the shape desired. We have the popular variety of Juniper bonsai but we also carry deciduous and flowering bonsai.
Each plant has its own specific care requirements but typically a bright area indoors away from heating & air conditioning vents with proper watering will do the trick.  Using the correct low dish container, with the proper root pruning and soil make having a bonsai plant easy!

Most people say they use it as their relaxing time, pruning the little branches and wiring it to shape it to the look they want. In spring and summer months we also carry small landscape type plants that have not been pruned and will allow you to use creativity to prune the plant to what you desire it to look like.