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Alsip Home & Nursery is your avian destination for new bird buddy! Nothing quite compares to the cheerful sounds and color pet birds bring to any home. Alisp Home & Nursery carries all of your pet bird’s needs in addition to a wide selection of feathered friends including parakeets, finches and more.

Bird Cages & Stands

Picking the proper cage for your new bird is crucial to their happiness and health.

  • Small Birds: Canaries, Parakeets and Cockatiels should have cages large enough for the bird to expand their wings. Since many of these birds do not come out of their cage, it needs to be large enough for them to fly from one perch to another. This allows them to play and exercise in their own home.  Remember that bar spacing is also a factor when picking a cage for finches, canaries and parakeets. Flight cages are ideal for smaller birds.
  • Larger Birds: Such as African Greys or Umbrella Cockatoos need a cage that will allow them to expand their wings fully out. This will minimize the chance of breaking blood feathers and damaging tail feathers.  Bigger is always better when choosing a bird cage.         


Bird Perches

Birds need a variety of shapes size and texture for their perches. Having perches with texture will help them improve grip. Perches made of clay, pumice, concrete or other course material will help trim a birds nails as well as condition their beaks.   Flexible perches offer a soft place to land, but remember to trim any frayed material so your bird does not tear a nail or get tangled.

Bird SeedBird Nutrition

A balanced nutritional diet is a necessity for a bird to live a long full healthy life. An unhealthy diet is one of the main causes in an early death in birds.
Seed: A seed only diet is not a proper diet for birds. Like us, a bird can pick out the seeds they like and leave the rest behind, much like a child who picks the meat and potato off his plate and leaves the veggies behind.  Unless they eat all the seeds, it is no longer a balanced diet. We can add vitamins to supplement their diet or add a pellet feed to ensure that your bird is getting all the nutrition it needs to live a long full life.
Fruit: Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that your bird will enjoy. Make sure all produce is washed before offering it to your bird. There are a few things we should not offer our bird: chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, avocado or foods that are high in fats (junk food)
Water: Water needs to be accessible at all times. Dehydration is very serious and can happen within days.

Love Bird

Bird Maintenance

Make sure your birds cage is cleaned on a regular basis. Both cage and perches can be cleaned with nature’s miracle cleaner or a small animal cage cleaner. Make sure whatever product you choose that it is nontoxic. A clean cage not only looks and smells better but it will help ensure the overall health of your feathered friend.


Parakeet BlueBird Toys

Toys offer a caged bird a variety of activities including climbing, chewing, peak trimming, and socialization. When a bird is bored, it can lead to feather plucking and self-mutilating.