Betta Fish Care

Betta Fish Care About

Bettas fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish are surface breeders that are most comfortable to live in small pockets of water. With their vibrant colors and long, flowing tails, Betta fish are thought by many to be some of the nicest looking
freshwater fish around.
Max Size 2-3 Inches
Life Span 2-3 years, longer with special care.
Your Betta Fish will enjoy a quart to gallon sized fishbowl.
Make sure your fishbowl is clean and fill with de-chlorinated, room temperature water. Depending on the type of water you have, you may need to add a water conditioner to remove chlorine or other chemicals.
  • TEMPERATURE: Room temperature, larger tanks or cold rooms may require you to have a water heater.
  • SUBSTRATE: Gravel or glass stones.
Feed 2-3 pellets or flakes of Betta Food per day. They will also enjoy blood worms and brine shrimp as treats.
Water Make sure to replace the water in your Betta’s bowl regularly! Clean water means a happy fish!
Special Notes
Never put two male Betta Fish together as they will undoubtedly battle each other until only one remains to prove that he is the alpha male. Male and female Betta fish can coexist for a short while for breeding but keeping them together long term isn’t recommended.

*As with any pet, it is important that you find a veterinarian that practices in the certified care for your animal. This guide is general in nature and should not be used to diagnose your pet.