Bamboo Care

Lucky Bamboo

How to Care for Lucky Bamboo

Also Known As Dracaena Sanderiana

At Alsip Nursery we offer a large variety of individual stalks as well as pre-made bamboo arrangements. Bamboo has become very popular over the last couple of years. You see stalks of Bamboo almost everywhere. Bamboo plants are great for offices, on desks, in businesses, and in homes, bedrooms –  pretty much everywhere these days. Not is Bamboo easy to care for, but according to Feng Shui beliefs, are known for providing a feeling of balance.

When caring for individual Bamboo stalks, you will need a vase or container with zero drainage. Add rock or pebbles to help support your Bamboo stalk in the vase. Provide your Bamboo plant with indirect sunlight and distilled water. Other than that – Bamboo is not a very picky plant!

If you see your Bamboo leaves start to turn yellow or become stretched – this is a sign of too little light exposure. Move your Bamboo plants to a place that will provide more sunlight.

Dracaena plants in general are very salt intolerant and this is the reason to use distilled water. If tap water is the only option allow it to sit out 24 hours before use and this will allow some of the minerals to evaporate.

When fertilizing use a very diluted amount of fertilizer and make sure to empty the water a week later and replace with fresh water. Fertilizers do contain salts and other minerals that can rise to a toxic level for the plant. Because the vase or container has no drainage, there is no way of excess fertilizer to be rinsed out of the plant unless the water is replaced. Replacing the water once a week or every two weeks is also a good habit to get into. Doing so lowers the chance of algae and bacteria growth in the vase.

Lucky Bamboo is recommended by Feng Shui masters to create a space where you feel safe and energized. Bamboo plants also add color, oxygen,  and life to any room!

Bamboo Care Instruction Highlights

  • This plant thrives in bright indirect light, even in areas without natural light. You will receive the best coloring from indirect light.
  • Thrives in just water. Place the plants in a vase about ¼ full of water and fill with decorative rock to help hold the plants straight.
  • Fertilizing should be done in the spring and summer months. Use a 1/3 of the power for a regular houseplant fertilizer.
  • Change the water when necessary to keep algae from growing.

Grow Your Own Bamboo Plant

If side shoots are present break or clip one off from the side of the plant. Place the bottom of the broken off piece in a cup of water. Change water every 3 days until roots are present.