Christmas Isn’t Cancelled!

Alsip Home & Nursery will not be hosting our annual Ladies Night this year.
And while this event may be cancelled, we want you to know that Christmas isn’t!

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How to Fix Blossom End Rot And Other Issues

tomato blossom end rot Alsip nursery

Discovering blossom end rot on your tomatoes is a real downer, but if you know how to fix it, you can save your plants from an untimely end! While blossom end rot is one of the most dreaded threats to your tomatoes, there are several other issues that may spring up suddenly.

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Care for Patio Tropicals Indoors and Out

tropical plants inside of a living room

Are you among those lucky few that grew up with a touch of the tropics right outside your door? Those of us that dream of growing our own tropical oasis but are stuck in colder growing zones are jealous!

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