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Top Tips for Seed Starting

Before We Get Started, Get a Plan! What Type of Garden Do You Want? A vegetable garden requires full sun and plenty of water. A flower garden can be grown in sun or shade, depending on the plants you choose. No space, no worries! Container gardening allows you to grow veggies, fruit and flowers right…

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Picking the Perfect Houseplant

Why are Houseplants Beneficial? Provide more oxygen for the home or office. Increasing humidity. This is good during the winter months when the air in the home is very dry. Reduce levels of some pollutants, such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. They can even filter tiny fecal matter particles out of the…

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Christmas Lights for Beginners

Christmas Lighting 101 Have a Plan What and where do you want to decorate with lights? Roof, peaks, railings , pillars, trees, shrubs. Know Your Measurements Figure out the height and width of each area you want to hang lights. For trees and shrubs best guess on height that you want lit. Locate Your Power…

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5 Reasons to Have Plants in the House

Now that cold temperatures are here, you can feed your inner gardener by getting beautiful indoor plants to accent your home. Houseplants of many shapes, sizes, colors and textures can satisfy that instinctual craving to be around live plants. Not only is keeping  houseplants a fun recreational activity, it also promotes a healthier lifestyle in…

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Using Purple Cow Organics in Your Fall Planting

Purple Cow Activated Compost

  Get a Head Start on Fall Planting! Autumn is almost here and we want you to benefit from planting in the fall. Not only is it time for fall favorites, like mums, asters, and kale, but now is the best time to add landscaping staples to your garden including perennials, trees, and shrubs. Gardeners…

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