Outstanding August Donations for the Schmidt Family!

For the month of August 2017 we collected donations for the Schmidt family, a local family who suffered a terrible tragedy in July 2017. Through the incredible generosity of both our Frankfort, IL and St. John, IN communities, we were able to collect nearly $18,000 to be given to the Schmidt family to help in this time of loss and need. Thank you to all who donated to this wonderful family! We love our community and how much we care for one another! This is an awesome example of how a community comes together!

On Monday, July 24, Lindsey Schmidt and her three sons were involved in a horrific car accident. Lindsey, who was four months pregnant, and one-year-old son Kaleb were killed on impact. Four-year-old Weston and six-year-old Owen died in the proceeding days after being hospitalized. They are survived by husband and father Eddie Schmidt.

Everyone at Alsip Home & Nursery wishes our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and community who have been affected by the loss experienced in this devastating tragedy.

Schmidt Family