Spring Annuals

Bring unmatched color to your landscape with gorgeous annuals from Alsip Home & Nursery. Choose from our huge selection of your favorites inside our expansive greenhouses optimized for your shopping experience. Not only do we grow a lot of our own, but we have teamed up with some of the best flower growers in the country to offer an even wider variety of plants to choose from. That includes Alsip’s Famous Geraniums – our own hearty, high-performing hybrids that draw discriminating gardeners from across the Midwest!

Premium Vegetative Annuals

You may see the term “vegetative” around our greenhouses and wonder what the deal is. Vegetative annuals refer to a premium annual that is reproduced from cuttings as opposed to seed. More importantly these annuals represent genetically superior plants with the most up to date breeding methods giving you improved performance and greater longevity in the garden.

Jumbo Annual Trays

At Alsip Home & Nursery we take great pride in our jumbo annual trays. This is a signature item that people come from miles around to purchase from us. We carry an extensive selection of jumbo trays which we grow ourselves from A to Z or Alyssum to Zinnia! Our grower has been perfecting them for over 40 years!

Hanging Baskets

Alsip Home & Nursery offers the largest selection of gorgeous hanging baskets in the Midwest. Choose from an unmatched variety of sizes. We literally grow nearly 100 different combinations to choose from. These range from Full Sun to Shade. Most importantly our baskets are full, healthy, and vigorous, our unique annual hanging baskets have become synonymous with quality as acknowledged by our customers.

Annual Planters

Alsip Home & Nursery carries many pre-made combination planters that are ready to be set on your porch or patio. Additionally, be sure to visit Alsip’s Potting Station located within our greenhouse. There, we will help design and plant containers with your favorites and our top of the line annual stock. See a friendly Alsip Home & Nursery Associate for full details and pricing.