Winter Seasonal Plants

Find Winter Seasonal Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery


Poinsettias become available right around Thanksgiving and are available in an assortment of colors. We do a fabulous job at growing our own Poinsettias and blow the competition out of the water. These plants can hold their color for up to 3 months and continue to be a nice looking green plant even when they are no longer in color. These plants require some attention to get them to bloom again but if you can it is worth holding onto this plant all year. We carry Poinsettias in 4.5”, 6”, 7” & 10” pots.

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Amaryllis is a well know bulb for the holidays. We sell them in 6” pots as well as bulb kits. The large trumpet shaped flowers make a great show and add great color to the house in the winter months. White, pink, red, bi-colored are just a few options of the bloom colors. These plants will bloom for at least a month when in a cooler room. The warmer it is the faster they tend to bloom. When done blooming allow the leaves to turn yellow and once this happens the plant can be cut back and stored until it is time for it to be planted once again.

Zygocactus - Christmas CactusChristmas CactusZygocactus

Christmas Cactus also known as Zygocactus is another popular plant around the holidays. The bright colors are eye catching in red, orange, pink and white. Lots of bright light and careful on the watering will give these plants a long bloom time. When in bloom allowing the plants to slightly dry between watering is beneficial and when done blooming allowing more time between watering is needed. These plants also appreciate being put outside when we are frost free. They may even re-bloom in the summer months with the difference of the day and night temperatures. When they are put outside they do need some protection from the mid day sun. We carry these plants in 4”, 6” and 8” hanging baskets.

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Paper WhitesPaper Whites

Paper Whites are another bulb that can be purchased growing or in bulb form. Small white flowers will give you weeks of fragrance. One plant will have enough aroma for a single level house to be filled. A cooler location once again will allow a longer bloom time. These are another bulb people commonly keep after they are done blooming and re-grow them after a rest period.

Fresh Cut ArrangementsFresh Cut Greenery

Alsip Home & Nursery has the FRESHEST fresh-cut Christmas trees, wreaths, bunches, roping and garland, because be buy from only the best, most reputable growers in the region and as an unsurpassed reputation for the quality and selection. We feature only the finest Fraser Fir, Scotch Pine, Balsam, White Pine, and more.You can’t forget our famous holiday “porch pot” arrangements.

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