Spring Seasonal Plants

Find Spring Seasonal Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery



Florist Azaleas are another plant that are miniature versions of the outdoor kind. These plants will bloom for a month or longer depending on the stage they are purchased. These are commonly found in greenhouses closer to Easter and Mother’s Day. Dead heading these plants will also help greatly extend the bloom time and keeping them out of direct sun indoors. The direct sun tends to burn the leaves and dry out the flower buds if it is too intense. Azalea can be found in pink, white, red and purple. We carry 4.5” and 6” pots.

Calla Lilly

Calla Lily

Calla Lily is another bulb that is commonly purchased as a seasonal plant. These are a very romantic looking plant and can often be found in floral bouquets. The color assortment will depend on the season but they can be found in white, shades of purple, yellow, pink and orange. We carry them in 4” and can also bring in 6” for special orders.


Daffodil – Narcissus

Daffodils are a highly popular spring bulb, often chosen for their sprightly yellow flowers. We carry daffodils in 4″ pots and make and excellent gift for your host during Easter or spring gatherings. For those who plant daffodil bulbs in the garden will be glad to know that they tend to sway deer, rabbits, and squirrels who do not like the taste of the plant.

Easter Lily

Easter Lily

We carry a large selection of Easter Lilies in 6” one plant, 8” two plant, and 10” three plant pots. Easter Lilies are tough plants that generally have a flower life of a little over two weeks depending on how much heat and sunlight they receive. It’s important to not let them get too dry while in bloom as this can stress the plant and cause the flowers to drop at a more rapid pace.

Alsip Easter Basket

Easter Arrangements

Our Green Team creates beautiful flower arrangements for Easter and spring using selections from our flowering and non-blooming house plant section. Ask about our custom potting service to have our team create something extra special for you using plants that you choose! Or simply pick up one of our pre-made arrangements!



Alsip Home & Nursery carries an assortment of bulbs for blooming indoors. We off Hyacinth in 4″ and 6″ pots. Hyacinth add a great fragrance to any room and offer vibrant texture. Typically, the cooler the room the longer the blooms will last.

We also offer other blooming bulbs such as Crocus and Iris available in are offered in 4″ pots.


Florist Hydrangea

Florist Hydrangeas are typically found in later winter early spring in greenhouses. These plants look just like a miniature version of the landscape shrubs. Blue is one of the most common colors but they also come in pink and white. The plants needs lots of water and indirect sunlight. In too much sun the leaves burn and the flowers wilt beyond coming back. The leaves and flowers also wilt if they get too dry. These plant typically will not come back if planted outside after they are done blooming. It is best to buy them when the buds are still a little bit tighter to extend the bloom time once brought home. The most common size to find these is in a 6” pot but we will periodically carry them in a 4” and 10”

Shamrocks - Oxalis

Shamrock – Oxalis

These plants are also known as Oxalis. We carry the traditional green, purple and a variety called Iron Cross. Iron Cross is a green leaf with a red/purple eye. They are the traditional plant for St. Patrick’s Day. Oxalis is another bulb grown for indoors. These plants need to be rotated or they tend to reach for the sunlight. This is another plant that over watering can be detrimental to. Also don’t be shocked if after growing for a few months the plants leave just start to shrivel up and appear dead. This plant may require a dormant phase and this is what it is doing. Stop watering the plant for a months period of time allowing it to rest. After this period but it in a warm location and start watering again. This should signal the bulbs to start sprouting again. If you are concerned when this first happen check the bulbs in the soil and if they are brown and mushy the plant is dead but if the bulbs are still firm and appear healthy it is dormant



Tulips are an icon for the Spring season. Alsip Home & Nursery offers indoor blooming tulipis in 4″ and 6″ pots. Pink, Yellow, Red, and Magenta are popular among Tulip enthusiasts for their bright pop of Spring color. Typically the cooler the room, the longer the blooms will last. It is common to get 2 weeks out of the flowers.