Room in Rebloom Consignment Shoppe

Room in Rebloom Consignment Shoppe

Welcome to Room in Rebloom, a department of Alsip Home & Nursery in Frankfort, IL turned consignment shop; featuring dapper décor finds and quality furnishings. All items must be in good condition to be considered for sale in our Room in Rebloom consignment shoppe, which is great for our customers searching for a ‘new to you’ piece for their home.

What is Consignment?

Items found within our Room in Rebloom Cosignment Shoppe come from a plethora of local sellers. Their gently used furnishings and decor are conveniently available for sale within Alsip Home & Nursery. The local sellers get paid upon the sale of their items upon the agreed terms with Room in Rebloom

Selling Items For Consignment

We are currently not accepting new items to sell.

Book an Appointment

Call us at (815) 469-1044, and ask for Room in Rebloom
Or fill out the form below. We’ll then contact you by phone or email.

At the appointment, we will decide if we think your item will sell. For larger items, you can email or bring us pictures. We have staff that can help unload your items when you get here.

How It Works

  • 50/50 split upon sale of item
  • Items will be discounted 20% after 1 month and 40% after 2 months
  • Items will be displayed for 3 months or until they sell
  • After 3 months plus 1 day, the item will become property of Alsip Home & Nursery. Unsold items must be picked up prior to that day.
  • Items entered into consignment must remain for 80 days, a penalty fee of 15% of the original price will be charged if otherwise

We will not accept the following items:

  • Mattresses
  • Appliances
  • Collectibles
  • Books


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