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Find Pond Supplies & Water Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery

Alsip Home & Nursery is your pond supplies headquarters and carries everything you need to create and maintain a dazzling pond. With our help, you’ll have a serene sanctuary to enhance your exterior landscape! Our newly expanded pond department offers everything you’ll need to open your pond and keep it going all season long!

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryPond Liners & Pumps

We cary Firestone E.P.D.M. 45 mil pond liner – fish safe! Available in widths of 10, 15, or 20ft. Use in pre-formed ponds and tubs. Barrel lines with and without spillway. We carry pond pumps ranging in sizes from 190 gallon per hour up to 5000 gallons per hour. Larger pumps are available upon request.

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryWater Plants

As soon as soon as the danger of frost has passed, add floating plant such as beautiful water hyacintch and water lettuce. Add additional aquatic plants such as bog and marginal plants, water lilies, and lotus, for additional interest.

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryFilters
Filtering the pond will benefit the overall health and appearance of your pond. Alsip Home & Nursery carries a wide selection of filtration products including: biological filters, box filters, canister style filters, mechanical and skimmer boxes. Alsip has a great slection of filter pads in the most popular sizes for a custom fit. We also have bulk filter media available and can also special order products that we currently do not have in stock.

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryLighting
Submersible lighting can enhance your night time enjoyment of your pond. We carry many different styles to suit your pond needs.

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryAeration
Aeration is an important element of pond health. Adding dissolved oxygen under the surface of the pond will increase the health of your fish and plants.

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryU.V Lights
Ultra violet lighting is used for algae control. Requires a secondary pump for best results.

Find Pond Supplies & Water Plants at Alsip Home & NurseryWater Treatments
Alsip Home & Nursery carries a full line of water treatments for all of your pond needs. Beneficial bacteria both liquid and dray, algae control products, chlorine, and chloramine remover, biological sludge control, barley and pond salt to name a few.

Find Pond Supplies at Alsip Home & NurseryAccessories
Alsip Home & Nursery has many accessories to help trouble shoot your pond needs. We carry an assortment of fittings, flexible tubing, filter media in various sizes, nets and netting for covers, We have construction material such as underlayment, waterfall foam and fish safe silicone. Special order replacement parts are available based on manufacturer.

Commonly Asked Pond Questions

Our Green Team Experts are here to answer all of your pond questions in regards to suplies, fish, plants & more

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Find Pond Supplies & Water Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery