Alsip to the Rescue Adoption Center


Message from ATTR Board of Directors:

To whom it may concern: It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement. After 3 plus full years of Alsip to the Rescue, we have no choice but to wind down rescue operations. Costs just far outweighed adoption fees and donations to the point where it became an unsustainable organization.

We, the Board of Directors at ATTR are all very proud of the work the staff and volunteers put in to help find homes for nearly 4,000 dogs and cats over this time period. There were many memories made. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, long nights, long transport rides, frequent home visits, sadness and joy went into ATTR.

Operations will continue for a short time until we can find forever homes for the remaining dogs and cats at ATTR.

We may still have a small handful of rescue dogs on site from time to time at the Alsip Home & Nursery stores. This does not change anything else in regards to the Coyne Vet Clinics, Grooming, or any other pet related services that take place within the Alsip Home & Nursery stores. Many of the staff members will/have been offered jobs within the Alsip Home & Nursery organization.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who helped in any way from staff to volunteers, to fosters, to donors and sponsors. We and the animals saved will be forever grateful and humbled by your generosity and giving spirit.


Richard Christakes & the ATTR Board

Alsip To The Rescue Is Now A 501c3!

Alsip To The Rescue (ATTR) is located within Alsip Home & Nursery Garden Centers. Even though ATTR is located within the Alsip Home & Nursery stores, it is now it’s own non-for-profit entity in that daily operations, staffing, etc. aren’t tied through the garden centers. However, Alsip Home & Nursery will remain the #1 supporter of the rescue and aid the adoption center in it’s fundraising goals.

ATTR is a Dog/Cat Rescue specializing in saving litters of puppies/kittens, pregnant moms and special needs dogs. All of the rescues are fully vetted and age appropriate vaccinated prior to adoption, with a spay/neuter certificate going home with the puppies. All adopters are urged to attend training classes at Alsip Home & Nursery’s Forever Home Training Academy with their newly adopted rescue and offer guidelines to ensure a smooth transition for the rescue and family. ATTR is a  501(c)(3) organization and relies upon donations for our rescues.

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How ATTR Came To Be

In late 2011, Alsip Home & Nursery took in it’s first rescue dog and matched it to a new home with great success. From there Alsip Home & Nursery made tremendous strides to further assist in finding loving homes for rescues, along with other services provided to service and police dogs.

As of January 2014, Alsip Home & Nursery officially made the announcement of a 100% Rescue Initiative. In the past, Alsip Home & Nursery purchased puppies from USDA approved local hobby breeders and brokers of those breeders, but the guarantee of origin wasn’t up to our standards and a change for the better was set into motion. Alsip Home & Nursery has tapped into the massive network of rescue organizations, the Humane Society of the United States, and the help of Dr. Coyne, owner of the veterinary facilities located within Alsip, for support.

As of 2015 Alsip to the Rescue branched off into it’s very own 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization and the rest is history!