House Plants

Find House Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery

Alsip Home & Nursery has one of the largest selections in the area of the highest quality house plants to make your interior space as interesting and soothing as your exterior landscape. Our eclectic selection of new and unusual plants combined with help from our knowledgeable staff can help make your home or office more beautiful and relaxing.

Pressure of hectic schedules, urging responsibilities and other factors cause fatigue and strain. Each day the typical person spends 90% indoors, thus depriving ourselves from the natural world and building stress from our enclosed environments. Treat incorporating plants into your decor the same as you would the paint color or carpet texture. When we fulfill our need for nature it helps relieve our stress and taps into a great source of mental and physical health benefits.

Most houseplants can be taken care of under these general guidelines. As varieties vary there maybe more specific information needed, but for a person who is just starting these would be general rules to follow.

Winter Months

  • Indoor Plant likes bright indirect light. Direct sun is not beneficial for most plants.
  • Keep plants at least 2 feet away from windows .
  • Keep plants away from heating ducts and where doors are often opened.
  • Allow the soil to dry about 1/3 in between waterings.
  • Do not fertilize in winter months.

Spring and Summer Months

  • If plant is kept inside bright indirect light, southern exposure.
  • If plant is taken outside more shade is necessary, no direct light.
  • Keep the soil moist but not drenched.
  • Continue to water until water runs through the bottom of the pot.
  • Protection from harsh winds is ideal for any houseplant, if on the patio.
  • Keep plants away from air conditioning ducts, if there is no place other than by one, close the duct.
  • Fertilizing should be done during these months. A houseplant fertilizer is best for indoor plants. Follow direction on the fertilizer, as to how much and how often.


In general repotting should be done every year. Repotting should be done when a plant is brought outside for the summer or taken in for the winter. Only go up 2 sizes larger than the pot it is in at the moment. If the plant is root bound, the roots should be pulled at to ensure outward growth of the roots.

Plants Clean The Air!

Plants Make You Happy
Studies show that plants make people feel calmer and more optimistic. Hospital patients who face a window with a garden view recovered more quickly than those who had to look at a wall.

Plants Fight Fatigue and Colds
A recent study shows that by increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust, house plants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and other cold-related illnesses by more than 30%.

Plants Improve the Workplace
Large employers and work environment specialist agree that adding house plants can enhance employee health and morale. When one company integrated plants into its office so that no employee would be more than 45 feet from greenery, it resulted in enhanced creativity and increated productivity among employees.

Find Blooming House Plants at  Alsip Home & Nursery

Blooming House Plants

Bring beautiful color indoors during the dreary months of winter with Everyday Seasonal plants from Alsip Home & Nursery. Brighten up your home decor and freshen the air at the same time. Treat incorporating plants into your decor the same as you would the paint color or carpet texture. When we fulfill our need for nature it helps relieve our stress and taps into a great source of mental and physical health benefits. 

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Find Foliage at Alsip Home & Nursery

Indoor Foliage

Indoor Foliage plants add great color indoors, relieves stress, helps with the winter blues as well as clean the air. Most indoor foliage plants have only green or colorful leaves. Other plants bloom once or twice a year but the leaves are typically what will add the interest for most of the time.

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Find Bamboo Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery


At Alsip Home & Nursery we offer a large variety of individual stalks as well as pre-made bamboo arrangements. Lucky Bamboo is a popular selection because they are easy to care for and they are also known to add the balanced feeling in life when it come to the beliefs in Feng Shui.

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Find Bonsai Trees at Alsip Home & Nursery

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is actually an art form and the pruning of the plant.  Many plants can be turned into a bonsai and grown indoors. We typically carry bonsai that are already pruned to look like the TYPICAL bonsai instead of starting out with a small planting and pruning it to the shape desired. We have the popular variety of Juniper bonsai but we also carry deciduous and flowering bonsai.

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Find Cactus ant Succulents Alsip Home & Nursery

Cactus & Succulents

Alsip Home & Nursery offers the best variety of cactus and succulents in the area including: Grafted Moon Cactus, Jade, Echeveria, Sempervivum, Crested Cactus, Monster Cactus, Hairy Men Cactus, Euphorbia Cactus, Prickly Pear, Aloe, String of Hearts, String of Pearls, Burro’s Tail, Mimicry & Hawthoria. Our largest selection of cacti are carried in the winter months along with the rest of our house plants.

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Find Orchids at Alsip Home & Nursery


Phalaenopsis are the most common Orchid to be found at Alsip Home & Nursery but we also offer a larger range including: Cattleyas, Oncidium Denrobium, Paphiopedilums, Miltonia and other exotic varieties.

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Find Air Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery

Air Plants

Air plants are easy to care for and can be used to create interesting home decor pieces. Alsip Home & Nursery offers both individual plants or plants mounted onto items such as driftwood, kitchen magnets, and other chochtkie materials.

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Find Bromeliads at Alsip Home & Nursery


Bromeliads are another eye catching plant that with the correct care will give months of enjoyment when in bloom and are an attractive plant even when they are not.Bromeliads natural home are in the trees of the jungle or growing on the ground. Many designers have come to appreciate the beauty these plants give and use them in many homes.

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Find Venus Fly Traps at Alsip Home & Nursery

Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap is a favorite for all ages. The carnivorous plant catches it's own prey - predominately insects and spiders by literally trapping them in the "mouth" of the plant. Prey is caught when they prey trigger the sensitive mirco hairs on the inner surfaces of the plant - leading it to close them up!

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