Frankfort Animal Clinic

Frankfort Animal Clinic

Frankfort Animal Clinic

Conveniently located inside of Alsip Home & Nursery in Frankfort, IL

The Frankfort Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary care facility that is open 7 days a week with no appointment necessary. The facility treats dogs, cats, small animals, and exotic pets!

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  • Monday - Saturday 8am to 6pm
  • Sunday - Closed


20601 S. LaGrange Road, Suite 101
Frankfort, IL 60423



Why Choose Frankfort Animal Clinic

As committed veterinarians and animal lovers, we understand the importance of providing the best care possible to your pets - that is why were offer extensive business hours, innovative medical equipment, and the most caring and qualified staff around! Come in to see us, and we'll treat you like family! We also have a secondary location within the Alsip Home & Nursery in St. John.
Click here to learn more about the Animal Care Center of St. John

Additional Benefits

  • Full Service Hospital
  • Compassionate Doctors & Staff
  • NO Appointment Required