Blooming House Plants

Find Blooming House Plants at Alsip Home & Nursery
Bring beautiful color indoors during the dreary months of winter with Everyday Seasonal plants from Alsip Nursery. Brighten up your home decor and freshen the air at the same time.

Find African Violets at Alsip Home & NurseryAfrican Violets

African Violets are a low growing plant great for counter tops. White, pink, purple and light purple and the most common colors. We also get some in with multicolored flowers. These plants like to stay moist but not wet at all times. We carry African Violet pots that are self watering. These planters make watering so much easier so the foliage does not get wet and the soil stays moist at all times. Indirect sunlight is best for these plants as the leaves burn in too much sunlight. We carry these plants in 2.5”, 4”.

Tip: Brown or rotted spots on your African violet leaves? Check to be sure that you have not overwatered. There should be no water in their saucers 20 min after watering. The best way to water African violets is from the bottom. Just set the pot in a saucer of water and let the plant wick up what it needs, discarding any remaining water.

Find Reiger Beonias at Alsip Home & NurseryReiger Begonias

Reiger Begonias add nice spring colors to the interiors of the home. Bright pink, yellow,orange, white and red. Bright indirect light is sufficient for these plants and allowing to slightly dry between waterings. These plants do best watered from the bottom since powdery mildew is a common problem on them. We offer this plant in a 4″ & 6″ pot.

Find Cineraria at Alsip Home & NurseryCineraria

Cineraria come in gorgeous colors in mixes of blue, purple and pink. These plants prefer an indirect sunlight and do not like to dry out. Dead heading these plants will not only keep these plants looking tidy but will also extend the bloom time. These plants also will handle cooler temperatures if you have a room that is slightly on the drafty side.

Find Cyclamen at Alsip Home & NurseryCyclamen

Cyclamen is another plant that blooms for long periods of time in bright colors. These plants come in white, pink, purple and red. Dead heading these plants will extend the bloom time drastically. These plants are a bulb and the biggest killer is over watering. Allow the plants to slightly dry between watering and then water well. This is another plant that will benefit from bottom watering. Cyclamen come in 4.5” & 6” pots.

Find Gerbera Daisies at Alsip Home & NurseryGerber Daisy

A colorful daisy flower great for annual planters or a dainty flowering indoor plant. Gerbera Daisys appreciate morning sun and afternoon shade. If it becomes too hot for them they tend to “melt” in the mid-day heat and perk back up as it cools off. A nice green foliage stays lower as the flowers bloom above it. Pruning off the dead flowers is a must for these plants to ensure a long bloom time. If a flower is allowed to go to seed, when it becomes brown and fuzzy like, it will stop the plant from producing new flowers. 4.5” containers are typically carried in the spring and summer months, call in fall and winter for availability.

Find Kalanchoe at Alsip Home & NurseryKalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a bright flowering succulent type plant that blooms for a month to three month period. They come in orange, white, pink and red. These plants prefer as much sunlight you can give them in the house and a little on the dryer side. Dead heading the plants will prolong the bloom time and the green foliage makes a nice plant even when not in flower. We carry these plants in 2.5”, 4” and 6” pots.

Find Medinilla Magnifica at Alsip Home & NurseryMalaysian Orchid

Also known as Medinilla Magnifica, recently became available in our area towards the end of 2011. The Malaysian Orchid is one of the newer plants to our market as well as one of the easiest plants to care for. Large, pink, grape like clusters make up the plant’s stunning flower, which lasts for 3-6 months at a time.The Medinilla Magnifica prefers soil to be a little on the dyer side than mois and enjoy a bright area but can burn in direct sunlight. Rob Herwig the recognized plant book writer called the Medinilla Magnifica, “the Rolls Royce of the houseplants.” Medinilla is typically available in an 8” container August through March, call to inquire in other seasons.

Find Mini Roses at Alsip Home & NurseryMini Rose

Mini Roses come in a variety of colors, in 4” & 6” containers. They look just like typical rose bushes in your garden, but like it’s name,  in a mini sized fashion. They appreciate as much sunlight as they can be given indoors and do not enjoy to dry out. Prune off the dead flowers and they will continue to bloom for a nice period of time. Fertilize while in flower and keep the Mini Rose in an area with nice air flow. Available August through March.

Find Primula at Alsip Home & NurseryPrimula

Also known as Primrose, Primula is another smaller lower flowering plant that would be good for a table or countertop where a splash of color is wanted. They are usually available later in the winter months starting late January and come in white, yellow, orange, purple, red and pink. Some have a yellow eye while others are just a solid color. These plants like bright light and to slightly dry between waterings as well. If dead heading is neglected this plant will stop flowering and not be as appealing. If the leaves start to turn yellow the plant is either being over watered or is too cold. At Alsip we typically carry the Primula acaulis and Primula Sweetheart in 4” pots.