What are Cool Season Crops?

These crops are cooler than you think!             What is a cool season crop? Cool season varieties (often called “cole crops”) are best harvested in cooler temperatures of spring or fall (or winter for our mild climates gardeners). The temperature is important because heat can encourage bolting (prematurely flower), which
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Ready? Set? Sprout!

Why Should YOU Sprout? Sprouts are by far more nutrient dense than their mature plant versions. This is because a seed is not just a baby plant, it is also a tiny package of nutrients and enzymes ready to spring into action at germination. While types of sprouts vary, generally, studies show sprouting increases the
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Here’s What a 22 Week Farm to Table CSA Subscription Looks Like

2016 Farm to Table CSA Subscriptions on Sale Now! Alsip Home & Nursery is proud to return our Farm to Table CSA program for the 2016 season. In addition to St. John, IN we’ve expanded our pick-up locations to now include Frankfort, IL. Click Here for Purchasing Information Freshly Grown & Locally Sourced Produce is Coming
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Houseplant Care Tips

Discover Beautiful Houseplants such as bamboo, ferns, orchids, kalanchoes and more at Alsip Home & Nursery

Alsip Home & Nursery has one of the largest selections in the area of the highest quality house plants to make your interior space as interesting and soothing as your exterior landscape. Our eclectic selection of new and unusual plants combined with help from our knowledgeable staff can help make your home or office more beautiful
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Seed Starting & Indoor Growing

WHAT? • WHERE? • WHEN? • HOW? Does this sound how you feel about seed starting? It doesn’t have to be by following a few easy guidelines to make you feel brave enough to try it on your own! Shop Indoor Growing supplies online! >>> Need for Seeds Alsip Nursery offers a wide variety of seeds and accessories
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Create An Indoor Environment


Here is the recipe to fully planting your indoor environment: One 8” or 10” (container size) Plant per 100 square feet One Small 4” or 6” (container size) plant in your personal breathing zone (6-8 cubic feet), for example, on your desk or night stand 15-20 plants for 1500 sq. feet To successfully grow house
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Wild Bird Habitat Maintenance

Bird feeder maintenance

Shop Bird Seed and Feeders online! >>> Here is some information prepared by the National Audubon Science – Audubon At Home staff. Feeder/Birdbath Maintenance Cleaning birdfeeders and birdbaths is a crucial practice in preventing the spread of disease between birds. Recently, scientists noted that the spread of Trichomonad protozoan parasites, which cause a disease termed
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