Voted Best in the Region 2015

Alsip Home & Nursery Ranks #1

Thank you to everyone who voted Alsip Home & Nursery as the #1 Garden & Nursery Store AND as the #1 Outdoor Living & Patio Furniture Store! We are very humbled and honored that we have the support and couldn't be prouder to serve the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland communities!

We credit our knowledgable Green Team members and the incredible selection of green goods and top of the line patio furniture and grills! Alsip strives to continue these efforts by bringing you The Best of Every Season!

Ditch the Roses This Valentine's Day...


...and buy a house plant!

Yes, you heard us correctly, forget the plain old bunch of a dozen roses for Valentine's Day this year.  Or maybe we should say, don't get JUST a bunch of cut roses or other flowers. Sure, they look great at first, but how long do they really last? Maybe a couple of weeks if you are good about changing the water, and are very lucky.

Simplified Seed Starting

When questioned about seed starting, you may ask;

Top Reasons to Foster a Rescued Animal


We Want YOU to Foster a Rescue!


Our Alisp to the Rescue Adoption Center has been a 100% rescue for nearly a year now and has saved over 1000 lives!  Fostering is such a huge part of our rescue program and process and is much more important than most people believe it to be.

Protect your Winter Landscape with Wilt Stop

The use of Wilt Stop by Bonide will greatly benefit many plants

in your landscape throughout the harsh winter months.

The all organic product is derived from pine sap and is available in a ready to use spray and concentrate.  It is simple and easy to use for all homeowners.

"Lasagna Pot" Bulb Planter


What's Your Favorite Spring Flowering Bulb?  

Good news - you don't have to choose!  All Bulbs - Now 20% Off!

 Now's the time to start thinking spring... in the fall! Create a fantastic planter with all of your spring flower favorites by following our simple 

Fall Fairy Gardens

Gardener’s Are Getting Extra Creative With Fairy Sized Landscapes