Healthy Trees


We all love trees for their magnificent beauty and with so many incredible varieties - everyone seems to have their favorite. Besides their stunning appeal to your garden, trees provide us with so many benefits to our health, our home, and our community.

Here's What Healthy Trees Mean to You


Fall is in Full Force

Leaves are changing, days are shortening and nights are frosty. Now is a great time to tidy up the landscape for the winter.

7 Reasons to Plant in the Fall


Cooler fall weather is soon approaching, meaning this is a prime opportunity to evaluate your garden. You may discover spots that need filling, replaced or improved. Perhaps there are even some area's you weren't ready to tackle in the hot days of summer, well here's your chance.

Landscaping: Where to Plant?

Different plants mean different areas. Not all plants can tolerate the same elements as others when it comes to nature. There are many plants that can tolerate wet site, sunny sites, dry sites or shady ones and others that would never survive in the same areas. This will point out several plants for those hard to fill spots and also ones that will add different interests to each area.

Create An Indoor Environment

Here is the recipe to fully planting your indoor environment:

  • One 8” or 10” (container size) Plant per 100 square feet
  • One Small 4” or 6” (container size) plant in your personal breathing zone (6-8 cubic feet), for example, on your desk or night stand
  • 15-20 plants for 1500 sq. feet

To successfully grow house plants, there are three things to consider: