Autumn Lawn Care: Prepping New Growth


Fall Fertilizer

Summer might be gone, but if we want a bright, fresh lawn with new growth next spring, now’s the time to get started. Many people believe that seeding and planting only happens in spring and summer. Truth is, it starts now. After we take care of the basic maintenance and clean-up in fall, it’s the perfect time to get ahead of the game and prep our lawns for new spring growth.


Our lawns need to breathe to survive just as much as we do, which can be a struggle when their roots are packed in as tight as they get in our lawns. Aeration is a simple, easy, and important step in giving your lawn the breathing room it needs. By working the soil to loosen it up or even just punching small holes in it with aerator shoes, your roots get the space that they need to get fresh air, water, and nutrients straight to the roots.

While you can hire someone to aerate your lawn for you, it’s just as easy to rent an aerator and do it yourself in an afternoon. It’s also possible to do with a rake and some elbow grease, by working into the top few layers of soil. 



While many of us start thinking about seeding our lawns in the spring, the fall is just as important when it comes to adding healthy new growth. When you lay down new seeds just before your lawn goes into hibernation, you’ll be setting them up to be ready to grow as soon as the snow melts. Instead of waiting until you are able to seed in the spring, getting started now with a Fall Magic Mixture gives your lawn a head start on growing.

Seeding and aerating are like the quarterback and the receiver of the fall lawn care routine – and you need them to work together to have a touchdown lawn. After aerating, sprinkle new seed to overdress the older growth on your lawn. Be generous with your seed in sparse or patchy areas that need improvement to help your lawn to fill in. Water well over the next few weeks until the first frost for the best results.

To prevent any birds from picking at your seeds, you’ll also want to lay down a protective layer of EZ-Straw Mulch. This will make sure your seeds don’t wash away, too.

Fall Fertilizer

Our lawns need fertilizer in the spring, but we can give them a head start by prepping them now in the fall. Even though our lawns are slowing down and getting ready to hibernate, fertilizing now with a Winter Survival Fertilizer helps to fuel the explosion of green we welcome in the spring.

It might not look like our grass is doing much, but right now our lawns are busy trying to store up the nutrients they need for the winter and spring. The key to successful fall fertilizing is to wait until you are sure that your lawn isn’t actively growing anymore. You don’t want to encourage it to produce tender and vulnerable new sprouts just before the cold weather sets in as this could do more damage than good! Instead, wait until late October when the weather gets cooler before fertilizing, so you can be confident the nutrients are being stored in the winter chill to be used in the spring when they are needed.


Our lawn is our pride and joy in the summer season and an important part of our family’s outdoor space, but it can sometimes be tricky to keep it in pristine condition. Fall lawn care is an easy way to take your lawn care to the next level this year, for a luscious lawn that’s early to rise and will have your neighbours green with envy.